Suffruticosa – Japan

The group of Japanese Woody Peonies are Paeonia suffruticosa varieties. The origin of these varieties is China. Already centuries ago, numerous Chinese varieties made their way to Japan. Here, in the course of time, with the original Chinese stock, a completely different breeding method with different breeding goals emerged. The flower form is mostly semi-double, which makes the flowers less susceptible to rot and rain. However, some varieties that have very large flowers, should be supported during the flowering period. The growth of the Japanese varieties is tightly upright and they are not as bushy and vigorous growing as, for example, Rockii and Lutea-Hybrids. Basically, Suffruticosa varieties are among the earliest flowering woody peonies with a height of about 1.2-1.5 meters.

In addition to Japanese suffruticosa, our Woody Peony assortment includes Lutea-Hybrids, Rockii-Hybrids, European suffruticosa, and Wild Species. On this page you will only see Japanese suffruticosa now. For more information about woody peonies in general and useful tips for culture and care, click here.

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