Order info for EU-customers

EU-Vat Laws

Due to the introduction of the new EU VAT laws, which came into effect on 01.07.2021, the respective VAT rates of the customer's address will be charged depending on the specified delivery address. By default, the prices in the store are indicated including the German VAT (as long as you are not logged in or have already entered your delivery address in the shopping cart). It is no longer possible for customers with a delivery address outside Germany to purchase the plants with our German tax rate as in the past. Unfortunately, this has increased the prices for some EU countries. However, if you have a shipping address in Germany, even if your billing address is in another EU country, you can still purchase the plants at the lower German rates. We are very unhappy with the current situation of EU tax law, but we do not see any other option. Since we tax our sales quite differently under German tax law than we now have to do in other EU countries, these countries unfortunately now have higher end prices. We do not have any additional earnings due to the higher prices, as all applicable taxes are paid to the customer's country. We just have more work to do.

If you want to see the final prices for your country already in the store and on the product pages, it is best to log in with your customer account, or create a new customer account. The prices will then be shown including VAT for your selected delivery address.

The prices in the store are displayed including German VAT (gross prices). For your delivery address, the following tax rates will then be applied to the net price (price without taxes):

CountryVAT-rate in %
Czech Republic15

Example: You order a plant, which is listed in the store with a gross price (incl. VAT) of 25 € (bei deutscher Lieferadresse) angegeben ist. Bei Versand an eine Lieferadresse in Österreich wird zu dem Nettopreis (22,94 €) derselben Pflanze der österreichische Steuersatz für pflanzliche Produkte von 13 % berechnet. Somit beträgt der Bruttopreis inklusive der Mehrwertsteuer für die Pflanze nun 25,92 €. Bei einer Lieferung nach Belgien z.B., mit einem Steuersatz von 6 % beträgt der Preis lediglich 24,31€.

Order and Shipping

Please note that depending on the weather, shipment will be made only from mid-October to mid-November after prepayment. We will send you the invoice by email as soon as the plants are ready for dispatch. You do not have to make a payment through our website. If you want to change your order or still add new plants, this must be done no later than September 15th.

For new customers, we reserve the right to request a down-payment to complete the order confirmation. Down-payment instructions will be sent out manually after the order confirmation. If you do not hear from us, your order has been accepted without the need for a deposit. You will receive full payment instructions in autumn.

The shipping costs for your country are calculated automatically by the store based on the item weight. You can find an overview of the applicable shipping costs. here.

If you submit multiple orders in one year, please mention this as a note when completing each additional order. Of course, you will then only have to pay shipping costs once. We will combine your orders manually and then charge you only the shipping costs for the actual weight of the package.

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